Westgate Business Portal

…the Westgate customer business portal from Westgate is now available to sign up for and use. Existing customers can request login by providing their information on Westgate website.

 You’ll see this page and simply follow the directions.



 In the customer business portal you’ll note some of the language used is a little different from the lighting business.  BUT the Westgate Furnishweb customer business portal is terrific!!!

 On it you can find inventory availability, tracking information, invoice information, order information, enter an order directly into the Westgate order entry software, invite your staff to sign up (there are different levels of access), check product specs, find sales rep contact data, just about anything in the way of information from Westgate you need or want.  The business portal is part of our commitment in making business easier and more profitable.

 If you can dial numbers on your phone or use the ATM at the bank, you are talented enough to sign up for and use the Westgate Furnishweb customer business portal.  Save time...  Simplify your business...  Learn about more Westgate products...  Make more profit... 

 It’s like a walk in the park and a day at the beach …  DO IT NOW.